Personal Power Principle Number One


In this personal power principle I share a video and photo quote that you can use and share right now to add value to your life and to those that you know are looking for ways to increase their own personal power.

Watch this personal power video to learn how to use information to change your situation:

In this personal power video I share the following personal power principle: “Information changes situations when action is taken on the value of that knowledge!”  ~Mark Edward Brown

The first part of this personal power principle was a line I recently heard the inspiring and motivational coach, Eric Thomas, if you are not familiar with “E. T.” google him to learn more about him.

Here is a personal power pic with the principle on it that you can use and share with others:

Personal Power Principle Number One








Let me know how this personal power principle work for you, leave me a comment below.

Always to your success,

~Mark Edward Brown

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