Mark Edward Brown Named VP of the USAFF

It’s been a busy year building the sport of Futsal in the USA. Last January (2019) I was promoted to the office of Vice President. This is a slightly different leadership role than the previous Operations Officer role that I served in during 2018.

Mark Edward Brown Vice President of USAFF

With a new year and new responsibilities we began preparing the US Men’s National Futsal Team and the 20 and under Men’s team to train for their respective Futsal World Cup debuts. The leadership of the USAFF also passed from Mr. Zane Cook to Mr. Miguel Sanz. Much was done to establish the Federation in 2018 under Mr. Cook’s leadership and the mission to continue to build national and international relations has been at the forefront of Mr. Sanz’s daily duties.

National expansion is growing at a steady rate and Arizona & Massachusetts were added as their State Associations joined the USA Futsal Federation. There are 2 to 3 additional states in the process of coming on board and as soon as their paperwork is in order an announcement will be made as to who they are. We decided to focus on building nationally and therefore we decided not to train and send a team to the 13 and under category World Cup. We also postponed the USAFF Nationals and will have more developments as the fall and winter progress.

2020 looks to be a promising year as we add corporate sponsors, partners, more teams and more State Associations. If you are interested in learning more about the USAFF contact me and I will be happy to speak with you about the many great things we have going on and how you can become a part of this premier Futsal Federation.

Mark continues to serve as a founding member of the Oklahoma Futsal Association and the CEO of the Southwestern Oklahoma (SWOK) Futsal League.

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