Living Motivated with Mark Edward Brown

What is your definition of  “Motivation”?

Motivation has different meaning to everyone. Some people use it and some people avoid it. There are myths about it and there are volumes of books, reports, and videos about it.

Over a year ago I set out to write a book about Motivation, I selected the title, wrote the forward and that is as far as I got.  The title is: “Living Motivated – A Practical Guide to a Successful Life”

I haven’t abandoned writing that book, in fact I have thought about it allot and because I have used motivation to achieve amazing results in my own life and I enjoy working with and coaching other people to experience success in their own lives through motivation.

Here is a video and meme about motivation that I created and I’d like to get your feedback on it: 

Join the Living Motivated success group

If you want to be a part of a supportive group of like minded people who are a work in progress and using motivation to achieve great things in their life, then I invite you to join us.  We are not a bunch of ra-ra cheerleaders and we are not mantra chanting robots. We share real world recipes for success, we discuss how to use motivation to achieve success, we celebrate and support all victories both small and BIG!

I’ve got allot in store over the coming days and months so comment below or email me at:  and we’ll take it from there 🙂

Here’s to Living Motivated,



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