Futsal, the New Frontier!

USAFF President Mark Edward Brown

Futsal, what is it? Futsal is a Sport similar to futbol or soccer. It’s origins date back to South America and the 1930s. The originator of the Sport is Dr. Juan Carlos Ceriani. You can do your own research and I recommend that when you do, do not rely on internet based sources only. This sport was NOT created nor invented by the federation international football association!

Futsal is played with 5 players on each team. A team is comprised of one goal keeper and 4 players that play both offense and defense. A low bounce ball that is smaller than a soccer ball is kicked and controlled by the feet of all players. One of the main distinctive factors that you can use to identify the sport is that the ball is kicked forward from the kick-off. Another distinctive move that makes it distinctly it’s own sport is that there are no “off-sides” rules.

One of the main similarities that it has to it’s cousin soccer, is the “throw-in” from the side of the court, or from the corner on a corner throw. There is an ongoing debate on which organization is the World Governing Body of the Sport also, I believe it to be, AMF – the Association Mundial de Futsal.

In case you are wondering, the word Futsal is defined by breaking the word into two parts. “Fut” means, played by the foot; “sal” comes from salon, or indoors. It’s undeniably the most entertaining sport to watch and play. Yes, I am biased however that is what happens when you are a Futsal Professional like I am.

At the time of writing this article, I am the President of The USA Futsal Federation. I’ve served at almost all leadership positions in the organization and have devoted my efforts, loyalty, and drive into building it into the best Futsal organization in the nation.

The USAFF is comprised of grass roots local teams and leagues. We also have a Professional League, The AFL. One of the best parts of this Federation is the pathway to play at the highest level, which is The World Cup of Futsal.

Futsal Professionalized.

You can learn more about The USA Futsal Federation on our website at: http://www.usafutsalfederation.com

We also get testimonials and recommendations like this one all the time:

Futsal recommendation for The USAFF by Egnaldo F. Garcia

The USAFF is operated by professionals on every level. Players, Coaches, Referees, Parents, Supporters, Sponsors, and Partners all make it the best place to play and build for the future in the nation. There is room for improvement and we make strides everyday.

We have our critics as well as proponents. Fans and haters either love us or hate us. No one can deny that we are not doing our part to educate, entertain, and grow the sport. I encourage you to find your nearest USAFF affiliate and get involved. There is room for you to contribute to this incredible sport.

If you are wondering what it takes to start or run a futsal league? All you need is a gymnasium, two goals, a ball, and players. Those are the basics and I am happy to provide you with The Laws of the Sport. For sanctioned matches, Referees are important. There is no recommended age because it’s highly adaptable for all people.

My best recommendation is to get involved at some level right where you are right now. If you are not sure how, just ask. Leave a comment below or email me at: Mark@usafutsalfederation.com