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Happy Father’s Day from Mark Edward Brown

Happy Father’s Day!

I found a great Father’s Day Quote that I shared on facebook today along with the vlog below.  This is dedicated to my Dad; Duane “Charlie” Brown:

“Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers and singers of song.”  ~Pam Brown

Leave a comment below if you have a favorite Father’s Day Quote?


Help Mark Edward Brown Decide His Next Book Title

Hello my Friends,  I need your assistance. Help me decide my next book title.

Following is a list of book titles that I have been racking my brain to get out of my head and onto my laptop.

I’d like your input regarding which of the following titles you would read?

I’ll be releasing this book later this year:

1) From Adversity to Victory
How to Succeed in Life and Business Through Motivation

2) Living Motivated
A Practical Guide to a Successful Life

3) Decide to Thrive
How to Live a Fulfilling Life Now

Leave your comment below, I look forward to seeing what appeals to you,

Mark “The Mark of Motivation” Brown

How to Use Motivation to Become Successful

Here are 2 tools to use to stay motivated and become successful in your life and business.  Watch this video and use the meme below to stay focused on your journey to success:

In the video above I explain how to use the word “Motivation” and apply it to your situation so that you can succeed in your life’s journey.  Use this acronym to remember how to use motivation to focus and be deliberate in your actions to obtain your goals.

Each letter of the word Motivation has a meaning:

My Obstacles Take Innovation Vitality And Training In Order to Never give up!


Order to
Never give up!

Motivation Like a BossEnjoy and leave a comment of how this helped you below.

~Mark Edward Brown
The “Mark” of Motivation