Road trips, Reunions, and Lifestyle Milestone Events

My wife and I embarked on an adventure the other day, I titled it and this post; Road trips, Reunions, and Lifestyle Milestone Events. Watch the video below or read the rest of this blog post to learn more about the fun we had:

My Wife (Kim) and I took a road trip to Austin, Texas to see two of my best friends from High School.  It also happens that they are both in the car sales industry. Their names are Tony and Troy and our friendship goes all the way back to jr. high and High School.

Here is a picture of the 3 of us, Tony is on the left, Troy is in the middle and I’m on the right.
Mark Edward Brown and Friends

This is a true Lifestyle Milestone Event because I don’t recall the last time that the 3 of us were together for a picture after we all graduated from High School way back in the day.

I believe that it’s important to do business with people you know, like, and trust which is why we travelled south for a road trip. We were there to buy a car for my 17 year old Daughter.  Don’t jump to conclusions because she is the one who is going to pay for the car.

It just happens to be a law in the USA that anyone under the age of 18 cannot borrow money or take out a loan. She is responsible and is paying us for the responsibility and privilege of driving a new and reliable car that she can call her own.

Here is a picture of our Daughter with her new car, it’s a Nissan Sentra and she is a happy young lady.  She works part time at Starbucks because she is still in High School. I joked with my friends and told them that she is more responsible at 17 than we were when we were her age.

Rashelle and Nissan Sentra





As you can see it was truly a Lifestyle Milestone Events day.  What is a recent event of yours that will be in your memory for days to come?

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with me?

Always with my best regards,

Mark Edward Brown


Mark Edward Brown Falls Into The Season

It’s been a month of Sundays at least since I last updated the Mark Edward Brown Blog.

The season is changing from warm and blustery to cool & crisp, I hope it’s comfortable where you are and would luv to hear how you are doing so leave me a comment and update me on what’s going on with you?

Here is a short list of what Mark Edward Brown has been focused on as the seasons change –

1. Soccer – I’ve been coaching a talented team of 10 year olds who have won every game they have played this season including 2 Tournament Victory’s as well.  Our team page is on Facebook at:

2.  Security – I continue to serve the nation by keeping
our military’s equipment & resources safe.  When I
retired from active duty I had the opportunity to continue
serving as a civilian and I am thankful for that in that I
can still work with warriors and leaders every day.

3.  I also serve as the Chief Operations Officer of the
Lawton Soccer Club which is a tremendous amount of fun
and a learning / educational event in and of itself.  I luv
Soccer and providing kids with a place to play it on a
weekly basis is very fulfilling.

4.  I’m working on an authorship project that I can’t
reveal to much about right now.  I will disclose more
after the first of the year.  I’m also coaching and
mentoring within a society of self leaders that are
critical thinkers and agents of change.

5.  There is no way I could not stay away from online
business.  Currently I continue to run the web traffic
platform that is and I have
teamed up with my friend Will to launch this
complimentary ads and money making program called
AdUrBiz.  If you need some holiday cash to buy gifts
or something like that – you should join the team
by clicking the banner below:

Of course my Family is at the forefront of everything I do. We do allot together especially, enjoy Soccer :-)

Be sure to comment here at the Mark Edward Brown blog, leave a comment and tell me what you are up to this time of year,

Always with my best regards,

Mark Edward Brown

P.S. I was serious about that Holiday Cash comment above, if you need help creating some extra Christmas cash let me know and I will help you.  Just join the team by clicking the image above!


Mark Edward Brown’s Summer Review

Whew the summer of 2015 has come and gone quite rapidly.  We experienced severe flooding in May and now triple digit temps. in August.

Aside from the extreme weather it has been an enjoyable and unforgettable season that I will never forget.  Aside from my work as a security expert, coaching consultant, operations officer & online businessman, I was asked at the beginning of the Summer to Coach a youth Soccer team for 9 year old boys.

My friend Dan Myers is the best Soccer Skills coach in this region and he had his hands full with a full team already plus many more kids that wanted to play Soccer for the Summer.

After joining the ECL Arrows we began a focused intro. and immersion into the world of 3 vs. 3 Soccer.  There are several differences from the traditional game which all contribute to more touches on the ball along with a mixed offensive to defensive playing style that youngsters seem to pick up on quickly.

The boys played a total of 5 Tournaments in various cities across the state from Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Mustang, and Ardmore.  Each tournament they played a minimum of 4 games.

Adapting my Life/Business Coaching skills to the sport of Soccer and young boys was a fun and rewarding experience.  I would say that I do not have it mastered yet but it sure has been fun spending the summer developing young minds and bodies into healthy / critical thinking young people.

The 3 vs. 3 Soccer Season ended yesterday (8 August 2015) on a high note which is a fitting end to a successful season.  The boys won every game they played, a total of 4.  They swept their age group and came out as Champions.

The icing on the cake is an invite to compete in the “Elite” division of the World 3 vs. 3 Soccer Championships at ESPN / Disney in January 2016!

Below is a photo of the ECL Arrows, the team consisted of Boomer, Collin, Dane, Landon, and Markus (my Son).

Soccer Champs













I honestly find it hard to categorize all of the satisfaction, fulfillment, and joy this experience has brought me.  Being able to Coach my own boy without him hating me for it is something I will continue to strive for and never forget.

This teams parental support is phenomenal, all the parents are dedicated, supportive, and just all around super good folks – I am in their debt for placing their trust in me to Coach and develop their boys.

A hearty “Thank You” goes out to Coach Dan, all the Parents, my boys the ECL Arrows, and all of our fans in Southwestern Oklahoma…


Mark Edward Brown

P.S. – I have been asked to stay with the team and Coach them in the fall season of traditional Soccer where we will be practicing and playing at the Lawton Soccer Club… I’m stoked :-)

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